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Paying for damage – zera marks


Hi, this is a sensitive question that I don’t feel comfortable asking my LOR.

Essentially I’ve been having wet dreams (often multiple times/week) for many years (I’ve discussed these at length with my former rosh yeshiva who feels that in my case there’s nothing halachically/hashkafically wrong with my wet dreams).

Here’s my question: I’m pretty sure the zera has left marks on the mattress I used to sleep on in yeshiva, and have possibly left related stains on linen/mattresses at places I used stay at when I’d go away for shabbos etc.

Do I have any halachic obligation to somehow reimburse/pay damages or ask mechila for this? What would you say given the sensitivity of this? If I should donate money, how do I assess the amount that I should donate and can I use ma’aser for this? I understand how I can donate money to yeshiva but how can I ‘pay’ back shabbos hosts?

Thank you!


You should not be too worried about it. Regarding the mattress in yeshiva this would be considered part of the regular wear and tear of their mattresses, that things like this can happen to them. Regarding the hosts, unless you know certainly that it did damage it, you don’t have to do anything.

Kesiva vchasima tova

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