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Folllow up to Work instead of Maaser


Is volunteering for an organization that encourages yishuv EY considered ok for this. i.e. Ramban holds it’s a mitzva but it’s a machlokes? So would this lechatchila be considered working for a mitzva?


I have a lot of maaser that I owe but money is tight now. Can I take on volunteer projects that I would normally charge for (pay myself the rate I charge and calculate that as maaser?) The projects I would do would be for nonprofits, mitzva causes that would normally hire someone but don’t have money to pay

You are allowed to do this, and it sounds like a good idea. I general if money is tight for you, it i possible that you don’t have to give maaser at that time.

best wishes


Can you please elaborate a little on this organization, what it does and how it encourages people to make aliya?

Also do you have your husband’s consent on your giving maser?

Please let me know so I can answer you correctly.


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