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Friend paid for flights then flight was cancelled


Last zman I booked tickets to fly home to England from Eretz Yisrael before Pesach. Then my wife’s friend got engaged and the Chasuna was 2 days before our ticket so she gave us $300 to change our tickets so my wife could be there. The price difference of the new tickets was $100 more and the airline (BA) charged $100 per passenger to change them.
After Purim, BA canceled the flight due to covid, and I booked another flight for us on a different airline which would get us to England in time for the Chasuna (though my Cheshbon was also that I didn’t want to get stuck in EY for Bein Hazmanim), these tickets cost us £150 more than the I originally paid for my first tickets.

BA refunded the cost of my original tickets, plus the $100 which was the extra difference in cost between my original tickets and the ones we changed them to. Do I have to give that $100 to my wife’s friend, or can I keep it seeing as I had to pay more than that in the end to book new tickets on another airline after my flight was canceled.

Also, if I get compensation from BA for the canceled flight (uunder EU law for cancelled flight each passenger gets 600 euro) as it got canceled with just a few days notice, do I keep the money or does it belong to my Shver. He paid for our first tickets on BA (he gave the money to me and I made the booking in my name). If yes, do I get at least the extra £150 which I paid myself to book a new flight after the cancelation
Thanks alot



I will write what I think-see if my understanding is correct

I don’t think if you have to give anyone anything bec

Your friend paid so you could come for the chasuna-it’s true that the original flight go cancelled but you replaced it with another flight which also enabled you to come for the chasuna and it did cost the money he gave you so you used the money as he asked you to do-the fact that you had a another motive doesn’t seem to be important

It would seem that the money you think you’ll get is a compensation for the inconvenience of having to change plans etc and since you suffered you “earned the money”. Your f-i-l paid for you to come and he got that. Is my understanding correct?

Yosef Fleischman

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