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Respecting Authorities that don’t follow Government rules


i am currently learning in a yeshivah and the rosh yeshiva and the mashgiach are not wearing masks, i think this sets a very bad example. I am not sure what to make of this. I am finding it hard to continue respecting the staff. Either it demonstrates poor judgement or carelessness. Or similarly a rov who doesn’t wear mask and follow the rules is he the right rov to have. What is the right hashkafah on this?


Thanks for your question.

My apologies, but I can’t answer such a question without first knowing the other side of the story (maybe they already had corona, or for another reason they can’t wear a mask). We have an obligation to be dan l’kaf zechus, especially a teacher, Rov, or other person that otherwise has yiras shomayaim. Maybe try asking them why they aren’t wearing a mask, and figure out why they are doing this before deciding on your own that they are the ones with the poor judgement. This might help.

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